Founder and Editor Monica Sklar

Monica Sklar is an Assistant Professor at the University of Georgia (United States) as well as the liaison to the university’s Historic Costume Collection. She was the Founder & Editor of Worn Through for its ten year run of 2007-2017 and still maintains the archive as well as heads future projects under the WT header.

She has a Ph.D. in Design-Apparel Studies from the University of Minnesota, focused on Socio-cultural and behavioral aspects of dress; 20th/21st century design history, theory, and criticism; aesthetics, innovation & creativity; retailing and consumers, 
with supporting areas of study including: Social movements, subculture, popular music, deviance, and visual culture.

Beyond academia Monica has worked in art and design museums/galleries in multiple capacities, done many projects in fashion and art journalism and wardrobe styling, and worked on endless retail floors.

Monica published the book Punk Style for Bloomsbury Publishers in 2013. She is currently developing new research and publishing projects. Contact her via email.

Below are a few of Monica’s recent publications:

Sklar, M. (2013). Punk Style. Oxford: Bloomsbury.

Sklar, M. & DeLong, M. (2013). Punk Dress in the workplace: Expression and Accommodation. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 30(4), 285-299.

Sklar, M. & Michel, L. (2012). “The punk palette: Subversion through color” in Delong, M. & Martenson, B. (Eds.) Color and Design. Oxford: Berg Publishers.

Kang, M., Sklar, M., & Johnson, K.K.P. (2011). Men at work: Using dress to create and communicate identities. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management (15)4.

DeLong, M., Gage, K., Park, J., & Sklar, M. (2011). The black leather jacket. Included in the online edition of the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion.

DeLong, M., Gage, K., Park, J., & Sklar, M. (2010). From renegade to regular Joe: The black leather jacket’s value for bikers. International Journal of Motorcycle Studies, 6(2).


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