On teaching: Faculty regulations, conflicts and quality assurance

This is an open question to all faculty teaching fashion: What do you do when a conflict arises between academics and the result can directly affect your students? How do you ensure quality standards are in place when colleagues contradict each other? Do you implement strict rules or allow teaching freedom?


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In my teaching experience, I have encountered different types of settings where some leave alot of freedom to each lecturer to decide on the content and methods of the lectures and other settings which offer a very rigid structure with rules, regulations and repercussions.

What’s interesting in this context, is the very unique characters that the lecturers are, especially in the fashion schools. Each person brings a unique background, work eperience and academic knowledge to the faculty and adds to the diversity of academic staff. When the diversity is celebrated and fostered to grow, students can benefit from a very inspiring learning environment. But what happens when – by means of strict rules – this rich diversity is reglemented and reduced to following protocol, adhering to regulations and rules? Does the quality of teaching suffer because lecturers have to restrict themselves? Or does this help to assure high quality standards within the institution? Furthermore, when the freedom of teaching is restricted, this can lead to conflict within the faculty and that is something students will sense.

I am curious to hear your opinion on this topic!


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