Costume Society Election

If you’re in the Costume Society of America you’ll see that the regional elections for the new boards are taking place. They close tomorrow July 1. Please do participate in your regional and national elections of the societies you are a part of to help move them in the directions you’d like to see.

**UPDATE: I was elected to the board. Thank you.**

I have been nominated for the CSA Midwest Regional Board for the first time. If you are in my region, consider voting for me as I’d very much like this enriching opportunity to help with CSA activities and share ideas.

Only CSA Midwest (USA) members can vote, but look for your local link if you’re not in this region. Links are via email to members.

Thank you for taking the time!!

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  • Heather Vaughan Lee June 30, 2015 05.59 pm

    To clarify, I think regions vary in their process and timing. In the Western Region of the Costume Society of America ballots were sent to members in April, ballots were due in May, and new board members begin their term on July 1 (tomorrow).

    -Heather Vaughan Lee
    CSA Western Region Immediate Past President & Archivist/Historian

  • Monica Sklar July 02, 2015 03.14 pm

    thanx for the clarification. i had thought it was july 1 across the country.


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