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Fashion Bytes launched with the news of John Galliano’s arrest and subsequent departure as Creative Director of Dior. For the last year, the rumours of who would replace him and what he would do next have been far too numerous to mention, but this week amidst the announcement that 2012 was Derek Lam’s last collection for Tod’s speculation began afresh that Galliano was either going to be creating a capsule collection for the brand, or revamping its Schiaparelli line. I first read this latest gossip after seeing a link on former WT contributor, Heather Vaughan‘s, Twitter feed when she mentioned that she was at a loss as to what to think of the idea.  I have to say I agree.

My first instinct was to think it would be the perfect match — certainly a far better aesthetic match than Lagerfeld and Chanel. The photo above is from the FIDM Museum blog, specifically a post about newsprint which cited that both Schiaparelli and Galliano had commissioned newsprint textile designs that featured themselves. My second was to wonder whether he would ever escape the shadow of last year’s videos, and even if he should. The rumour has been flatly denied by Della Valle, but that is hardly enough to stop the whispers.

Fashion Bytes recently examined the role of the designer, and this latest suggestion raises even more questions, such as how important is it that a designer brought in to revamp a line share the same aesthetic as the house’s founder? Lagerfeld’s style is completely different from Coco Chanel’s, but there is no denying that the house is still in existence — and one of the only ones not owned by a parent company — thanks to him. Does looking to the past like the recent Courrèges or Pringle revitalizations help the brand transition, or hold them back? The person least seen and heard from in the last year of rumour-mongering is John Galliano, himself. Is Galliano’s staying out of sight brilliant publicity — keeping his name bandied about and remaining the ghost in the background — or a sign that he is still embarrassed by his behaviour last year, or still condemned by the fashion world? How important is the incident last year in determining Galliano’s abilities as a designer? What impact do these sorts of incidents have on fashion for good or ill? What is the importance of such rumours on the fashion world? Do they influence what is made or who it is made by in anyway, or is it simply filler when there is no real news to report? Other suggested heads for the Schiaparelli line include the Mulleavy sisters, who are your first choices?

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