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This month’s Vanity Fair features an article by Kurt Andersen, ‘You Say You Want a Devolution?’, which argues that aesthetically-speaking American culture is in a rut. He opens with the statement that during the twentieth century America’s ‘cultural landscape’ shifted dramatically every twenty years or so, but that ironically at a time when our technological and scientific advances are exponential the world looks almost exactly the same as it did twenty years ago, whether it be clothing, home décor, literature, or art.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Has fashion, art, and culture in general in America stagnated over the last twenty years? Were the shifts during the twentieth century quite as radical as Andersen portrays them, or is he conveniently ignoring transitional phases? Is this a purely American rut, or have you noticed similar trends in the rest of the world? If things have stagnated, what are your thoughts as to the reasons why? How could fashion be revitalised?

Please share your thoughts.

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