Summer videos: Clothing Of The Future – Clothing in The Year 2000

As mentioned the past two weeks, the Worn Through team is basking in the sun, working on an array of long-overdue projects, and generally taking a break from teaching and related academic affairs!

So, to keep things light for summer, throughout the rest of these toasty months when everyone’s busy I’ll put up some videos here and there to keep things lively.

Tanya helped to post this “ultra modern” video of 1930’s designers depicting what they thought fashion in 2000 would look like. The Pathetone Weekly’s Clothing Of The Future – Clothing in The Year 2000 is hilariously outrageous however quite accurate for our present day way of life.

This one may have come across Worn Through already once, (cannot remember), but it’s a gem so we’re happy to have repeat viewings. Again, we’re always open to suggestions if you know of a great video that you think I should share with the readers.

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  • Lindsey July 22, 2011 10.46 am

    This is fantastic – and some of them weren’t that far off (in concept – could you imagine if we “wore” our phones like that today?

  • Ingrid July 25, 2011 05.21 am

    They were right about the climate control and taking phones and radios with you wherever you go I love the electric headlight too!


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