CFP: NANO, Aggressive Art, Design and Architecture

NANO: New American Notes Online: An Academic Journal for Big Ideas in a Small World
Call for Papers: Issue 1.2/3
Deadline: 17 July 2011

Aggressive Art, Design and Architecture (part of a special two-part themed edition)

Visual culture can assault or placate. Sometimes a little bit of both. For this double issue 1.2/3 of NANO, we want to know what is happening in leading-edge art, design, and architecture that is confrontational. We also want a fresh look at what has happened in the past: what are the newest interpretations of aggressive looks? Should the role of art, design, and architecture be to wake society up? What are the limits of getting someone’s attention? What types or forms are considered the most aggressive? Is aggressive art any good?

Possible Topics: painting, sculpture, architecture, landscape design, fashion design, advertising, city planning, film, photography, pornography, poetry slam, accidents, drama, horror, gothic, graffiti, street/urban art, destruction as art, disease and death, propaganda, heavy metal, punk, gangsta rap, trespassing, definitions of art, hacking as design, sabotage, aesthetics, aggressive criticism

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