Caught on Film: A critical eye of Hippie Style (1967)

Here, for your consideration is a historical report dating to 1967 on the “Hippie” movement of San Francisco. It includes a highly analytical discussion of the appearance and dress of hippies, as well as the Grateful Dead and their connection to drug culture. The narrator, Harry Reasoner (though clearly biased) claims that the movement is  “Style without content.” His comments at the end are particularly intriguing “They, at their best, are trying for a kind of group sainthood, and saints running in groups is likely to be ludicrous.” I’d love to hear your comments.

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  • Christian Esquevin January 12, 2011 08.07 pm

    Having lived through the experience that Reasoner deprecates (though many of us rejected being called hippies), I can see short-sidedness on both sides. But Mr. Reasoner’s attitude, the majority opinion, is what helped fuel the movement. The fashions of the times deserve study. In large part the styles were influenced by the English mods (see my blog posts on the mod and go-go styles at, but unique in contrast to today, is how the look was intially created in the U.S. without the marketing and advertising of the clothing industry. Imagine that.


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