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Book Review: Boom! A Baby Boomer Memoir

Boom! A Baby Boomer Memoir, 1947-2022 by Ted Polhemus Lulu.com (January 2012) An anthropologist by degree, Ted Polhemus has written numerous books on style and/or subculture including Streetstyle (2010), Style Surfing: What to Wear in the 3rd Millennium (1996), The Body As a Medium of Expression (1975), Social Aspects of the Human Body (1978), among other gems (see Monica’s recent illuminating interview with Ted). Boom! does …

London Recap pt. 3: Contemporary Wardrobe Punk Clothes

London was a whirlwind of sight seeing, attending shows, and dancing our feet off. But it also was a research trip for my academic work on punk style. One of the best places we went was The Contemporary Wardrobe. It is run in conjunction with the Horse Hospital which is a fab gallery and event space.  This is how they describe it: “The Contemporary Wardrobe …

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