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Book Review: Boom! A Baby Boomer Memoir

Boom! A Baby Boomer Memoir, 1947-2022 by Ted Polhemus (January 2012) An anthropologist by degree,┬áTed Polhemus has written numerous books on style and/or subculture including Streetstyle (2010), Style Surfing: What to Wear in the 3rd Millennium (1996), The Body As a Medium of Expression (1975), Social Aspects of the Human Body (1978), among other gems (see Monica’s recent illuminating interview with Ted). Boom! does …

The Original Vamps: Silent but Deadly

Occasionally fancying myself an exotic woman of mystery too, I have a special place in my heart for that early 20th century icon, The Vamp. When my friend (whose intelligent and fun horror blog And Now the Screaming Starts this is cross-posted on) suggested I write about them, I welcomed the opportunity to revisit some silent films when this aesthetic was solidified in concept and …

Belated Book Notes, Part I.

I am woefully behind in my book reviews and thus, we have something of a list for books published in July. Here’s the first set: Corsets: Historical Patterns & Techniques by Jill Salen. Publication Date: July 2008. Including “20 historically correct corsets, ranging from the 1750s to 1950” I suspect that this is more geared towards the re-enactor or costume shop consumer. It would be …

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