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Global Mode: Hereros

Jim Naughten is a London photographer whose work, which is mainly portraiture, has a lot to say about costume history. His photographs of WWI and WWII re-enactors in Kent, England (known for their excellent costuming) can feel like time travel, as if he pulled these people from 1917 or 1943 into his studio in the twenty-first century. Naughten’s other series, Hereros, is part anthropological survey, …

Halloween in the UK and USA

This past Monday I awoke to learn that 55 of my Facebook friends on both sides of the Atlantic had changed their profile pictures – to pictures of themselves dressed in their 2011 Halloween costumes. Granted, I have a high volume of friends prone to dressing up on other days of the calendar year, but it was still a remarkable occurrence, and one that inspired …

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