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TSA 2008 Conference

Textile Society of America is planning their ’08 conference for Hawaii-now that’s a conference! A real vacation that you can write off! It’s Sept. 24-27, 2008 with a submission due date also Oct. 1 of this year. I’m especially torn about this one as the modern crafter paper might work here as well, but I’m not a TSA member anymore as (obviously) they are more …

CSA 2008 Conference

Costume Society of America’s next conference is in New Orleans May 20-25 and it sounds like they’re planning some unique activities regarding a behind the scenes look at Mardi Gras and some dedicated time to help Hurricane Katrina issues. The due date for submissions is Oct. 1. I haven’t decided if I’m going to send anything yet. I wrote a paper on modern crafters this …

Check Out Sport Uniform Blog

Uniwatch: The Obsessive Study of Athletics Aesthetics is a pretty interesting blog that Harlo pointed me toward when they had a recent discussion about tattoos in sports. In all truth I hadn’t thought about the subject too much. I’ve been reading up on dental and medical uniforms for a research project, and often think about military and social uniforms, but being a fairly non-sports oriented …

Tattoo Removal in NY Times

The NY Times featured a recent article describing the process of tattoo removal and the new innovations to make it more accessible. The talk about how 36% of people age 25-29 have at least one tattoo, but 17% of all tattooed Americans have regret about it-particularly women. I can’t say I’m surprised about the focus on removal technology and ease, with removal facilities popping up …

Renaissance Society Conference on Dress

The Renaissance Society of America’s Annual Meeting next year will be in Chicago, April 3-5, 2008 with the theme of: The Communication of Appearances: Dress and Identity in the Early Modern World. The due date for submitting papers recently passed, but it might be an interesting conference to attend if you’re into historical perspectives. Here’s a link

a little backlog

i’ve been gathering a few pieces of interesting fashion news in the weeks leading up to launching my blog, so please excuse if you’ve already read some of the following articles or heard about these subjects already….


Well I’m finally starting this blog I’ve been saying I would start for the past two years. I swear my posting rate won’t be as slow. It seems like in the crowded arena of fashion blogs there still remains a void for news and discussion about social-cultural, academic, historical, and critical thoughts on dress. So you can look here for info on everything from smart …

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