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Exhibition: Balenciaga, l’Oeuvre au Noir. Personal Photo.

Before I began writing for Worn Through, this website, to me, was a sort of sanctuary, a mysterious and ultra private space that united fashion and textile experts whom I could never imagine comparing myself to. I had studied at the London College of Fashion alongside past Worn Through contributor, Jenna Rossi Camus and, one day, full of shyness and anxiety, I asked whether she thought I could have a chance to work with Worn Through. Upon her advice, I then contacted Monica who promptly gave me the opportunity to become a contributor and share my observation of Parisian fashion exhibitions with readers. Needless to say, I wasn’t confident at all, lacking experience and unsure I was legitimate to write here. But Monica and Brenna took me by the hand and set a professional yet friendly eye on my writing and made me feel more and more comfortable. For this, I will be forever thankful to Worn Through for having helped me improve my writing skills but also encouraged me to be even more curious about the fashion discipline, dive deeper into reflection and knowledge, embrace subjects and themes I once rejected and, most of all, allowed me to call myself a proper fashion historian.

As I am writing my last post, I can’t help but take a look back at my first one and recall how I had rapidly introduced the state of fashion curation and research here in France. I am happy today to tell you that things have grown better and better. Never have I met so many enthusiasts eager to change things and promote a dynamic take on fashion history. There are dozens of fashion exhibitions each year across the country and theory is expanding thanks to a passionate group of historians, curators and authors I am proud to belong to. When I was studying art history and later, fashion curation, I was considered a marginal…Today, I meet students from l’Ecole du Louvre specializing in fashion and costume while, thanks to girls like Maud Bass-Krueger and Sophie Kurkdjian, I attend impressive conferences.

I like to think that as I have myself evolved along Worn Through, something bigger also evolved with me. A promise that despite the fact that this blog is coming to an end, it is only the beginning for many further fertile adventures in fashion history and curation here in France.

Growing under my colleagues eyes but also (and in particular) under your eyes, you, our readers, has brought so much to my professional and personal life…So thank you: that is actually all and mostly what I would like to tell you! Thank you Worn Through for having brought me side by side with the most interesting actors of the discipline, for having pushed me to visit at least two exhibitions per month for my posts (if it weren’t for my monthly articles, I know I would have missed so many of them!), for all your contributors’ posts I will take so much pleasure reading again and again. And, thank you readers for being so resourceful, for your comments and for simply taking the time to look at my writing.

I was always proud to be part of the Worn Through family and always will be!

So, as we say in French: Ce n’est qu’un au-revoir…

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