Parisian Insights: A Happy Artistic Year!

A new year is beginning and thus comes an array of new exhibitions announced for 2017, in Paris…Quite an eclectic panorama with a spotlight on foreign cultures and designers.

At the end of 2016, opened Tenue Correcte Exigée: Quand le Vêtement Fait Scandale, at the Arts Décoratifs. An exhibition that clearly echoes that of the Barbican, The Vulgar. What Parisians have preferred to analyse here, rather than the concept of taste, is how controversial fashion can be in terms of social, cultural and political approval…I hope I’ll manage to travel to London to visit The Vulgar and thus make a greater parallel between both displays.

Before launching its two 2017 exhibitions, the Palais Galliera has continued its Anatomie d’une Collection display with an unusual Part. II which has renewed 40 presented objects and has also added a tribute to Sonia Rykiel in the aftermath of her disappearance. Quite an original choice as I had never been confronted to the readjustment of an exhibition like that yet I must admit I would no pay an additional visit to the exhibition, believing what I have seen once is quite enough.I must also apologize as I had announced in my post dedicated to the said exhibition that Galleria was preparing a Martin Margiela exhibition and although I am incapable of recalling where I had got this information from, I am quite sure it was relevant. Nonetheless no such display is announced for the moment…In the meantime, the museum has decided to look at the singer Dalida‘s wardrobe, in April. I am not especially looking forward as, although I do appreciate Dalida and she sure had the most flamboyant stage outfits, I am a little surprised by the choice. Not only because Paris’ Hotel de Ville had already dedicated an exhibition to the singer a few years ago, but also because in terms of iconic wardrobes, I would have thought of much more impactful public figures but we’ll see, maybe will I be happily surprised!

Another , very expected exposition this time,  to come at Galleria in the end of the year will be dedicated to Mariano Fortuny: time to get into a shimmering pleats vibe…

Balenciaga Exhibition

Balenciaga Exhibition

What I really can’t wait to discover is the Balenciaga, L’Oeuvre au Noir exhibition, Galliera will propose in the Musée Bourdelle. I can still recall as the most beautiful and brilliant the encounter Galliera had already organized a few years ago between Madeleine Vionnet and the sculptor’s works. And I am terribly impatient to observe this new conversation. Still in what is called the Saison Espagnole program, Galliera will also invite visitors to discover Spanish traditional costumes at Victor Hugo’s house, now museum. 

When Galliera was closed for refurbishment, it seemed quite natural that the museum would nonetheless pursue its activity in another significant Parisian spaces. The fact that, although it is now opened, the Palais Galliera continues to propose further exhibitions in other locations clearly illustrates its aim to be recognized as Paris’s forceful voice and actor in history of fashion/contemporary fashion partner.

Another exotic conversation will be proposed by the Musée Guimet and a journey within kimonos.

Finally, because photography is such a valuable component of fashion, I am very excited about the Irving Penn exhibition announced at the Grand Palais, in September.

No time to get bored!

I wish you all a very artistic, joyful and sweet 2017!

Update: A Martin Margiela retrospective at the Palais Galleria has been confirmed but you’ll have to wait March 2018!

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