On Teaching Fashion: at the end of a very long term.

For me, at the end of term, teaching can get less inspirational- primarily because I am, and the students are extremely tired. My arrival to my college gets later in the morning and stronger cups of tea are drank earlier in the day. Especially as the end of term looms and this results in the frantic finishing of projects, the aims for the day get even further compressed into bullet point format. Now I know the learning objective rules and the realms of instructional bullet points do not show the learning journey. However, the learning has taken place, skills have been acquired and furthermore now the students are auctioning this to complete their work.

Today in my studio I wrote a list of 8 numbered items on the board, and instructed my class that they will be wor However, the learning has taken place, skills have been acquired and furthermore now the students are auctioning this to complete their work.king down their actions, in simple short points until their finish all of their tasks. Some of these where short, such as photography to record practical work tasks (perhaps would only take an instant of their time), or items such like ‘all students will finish their screen printing.’ No room for miss-interpretation I hope!

Perhaps this is a reflection on my own obsession with to-do-lists, when time is short and actions need to be complete?

A deadline- alien to many, however frequent in students’ entire educational careers. So, why even when much older does panic still ensue on ‘the day?’ I find this so frequent in creative projects- when individuals think they have months left, when really the weeks are getting shorter. Currently I am discussing this with some of my students who have a final piece to make and to hand in within the first month of January. ‘What do you mean you are still researching?’ I frequently say, however is this only come with experience? I remember many of my peers at University stay up all night pre-deadline- or in fact, walk in late. Perhaps this is the pressure of assessment? Or the weight of individuals standards on themselves.

Calendar with Deadline Circled

With the benefit of hindsight, I discuss time planning with my students, setting weekly independent work and small targets for their next lesson. Some are met, however many are not.

Could I reflect on the notion of doing things more quickly? Should we be doing shorter snappy projects?– But how do you gear your learners up to working quickly? For instance, my currently GCSE class have 2 terms to produce their coursework, which to a learner, especially the younger- seems like a lifetime. Perhaps because this is only a 2 hour a week lesson, amongst 10 other subjects.  I do get inspired when I see Universities doing one-week production induction projects and learners are thrown into the hustle and bustle quickly and from the start.

For all a Christmas holiday is needed, and a fresh pair of eyes ready to go in the New Year.


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