On teaching: Consumerism Season is nearing

Which holiday season is it?


Dear readers,

as I am spending the autumn school holidays with my child in continental Europe, I can’t stop noticing that shops and supermarkets have already stocked up on Christmas merchandise, while still selling pumpkins for Halloween.

In fact, even if I look away, it is impossible to navigate the shops without all the seasonal junk.

Bright orange round things are standing next to glittery stars and fake pine trees and blocking my way through the aisles.

The season of ultimate consumerism, the season of shopping and forced gift giving is nearing. And it makes me wonder how much our earth can tolerate in terms of producing, shipping, purchasing and then discarding stuff. This is perhaps the right time to mentally prepare for a sustainable approach to the end of 2016 and there is a wonderful movie by Yann Arthus-Bertrand which can aid this. It is called “Home” and was shown completely free of charge in 2009. What does it have to do with fashion you might ask?

Well it was sponsored by a huge fashion conglomerate called Kering who wants to at least make us believe that it cares about out planet. It is also a film I show my students in class when we talk about sustainability vs. fast fashion.


Hopefully this link works, but if it doesn’t in your part of the word then just try to google it.

Please enjoy our holidays in which ever way you choose. I will be back next month with more on teaching fashion!





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