CFP: Fashioning the Unconventional Victorian: Conduct, Costume, Coiffure

Fashioning the Unconventional Victorian: Conduct, Costume, Coiffure Panel at the New England Modern Language Association (NeMLA) Annual Conference

Where: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

When: March 23-26, 2017

Submission Guidelines: Deadline is September 30, 2016; submit through the NeMLA portal.

This panel examines how fashion – original, unusual, peculiar, or even outlandish – preoccupied the Victorian cultural imagination. Papers might investigate eccentric fashion’s role in specific genres; its portrayal in the Victorian periodic press, advertising, or conduct manuals; the bachelor girl’s or the dandy’s nonconformity in attire; dress as gender or status markers; how costume determines, camouflages, or liberates; the fin-de-siècle aesthete’s couture; ways the outré became a normatively modish for the middle-class Victorian consumer.


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