On Teaching Fashion: Fast Fashion

Today, my brand development class and I spend our lecture examining Fast Fashion: It’s success strategy and immense growth, as well as it’s dark side.

I started the lecture with the image of the moon to illustrate the duality of this fashion segment:


Image credit: NASA

The students also saw images which I took some years back at LMB clothing recycling factory on the outskirts of London.

Heaps and piles of clothing which was donated by fashion consumers were pressed by a machine to the minimal size possible and then stacked by a forklift for shipment.



Most of the clothes go to third world countries but not for free.

Locals have the possibility of purchasing the items, becoming a dumping ground for our overly-active fashion consumption. Afterall, since the “Primark Effect” started, the percentage of textile clothing trash in landfills has risen from 7% to approx. 30% or more. This is a great disconcern for our planet and its people.


Image credit: Treehugger.

In the second half of the lecture, we watched the movie “The True Cost of Fashion” which is a perfect documentary to illustrate all the negative impact which Fast Fashion causes. The students left pensive and did not want to immediately discuss the film, because they needed “time to digest it all.” I am curious to hear their thoughts during next class.

Equally, I am curious to know your thoughts on this: How do you present the Fast Fashion topic to your students? What is your personal experience with the “dark side” and do you find it a neccessary item on the course curriculum?


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