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Instagram is, I think, one of the best platforms for a quick and interesting fashion fix. And I’m not just talking about style bloggers. Rather, some museums, institutions, and art nerds have great Instagram accounts that are worth adding to your social media feed. Below you’ll find two of  some of my favorite accounts.


This account looks closely at amazing garments in great works of art. Many of their posts only show details of paintings, but the focus allows you to see the intricacies of the fashions.

Image courtesy of @artgarments

Image courtesy of @artgarments



I love this account because it provides a unique window into an amazing fashion collection. The account posts photos from a number of different time periods and media, so there are always new and interesting things to see. And the captions are extremely informative! The profile of @fitspecialcollections reads: A highly specialized collection of rare books and designer archives, FIT Special Collections is located at the Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC.


Image courtesy of @fitspecialcollections


Image courtesy of @fitspecialcollections


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