Domestic Affairs: Video Interlude — 100 years of …

Life intervenes, yet again. I am currently focused on my virtual review of the forthcoming Hidden History of Philadelphia Fashion. However, with yet another “100 Years of…” as it pertains to fashion, whether hair, make up or clothes, filling up my social media mentions (I’m sure I’m not alone!), I thought I would digress from exhibitions for a moment to ask, how do Worn Through readers feel about these videos?

Do they help or hinder the fashion history field? I found the 100 years of hairstyles from various cultures (White America versus Black America, Iran, and others) very enlightening and revealing as to the mainstream bent of most fashion videos and history, for that matter. But are there so may that they are now a hindrance?

Please look at the video choices below and feel free to share your thoughts. Domestic Affairs will return in March with a virtual review of  “Hidden History of Philadelphia Fashion”.


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