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Hi readers,

Just an FYI. My in-box has been flooded lately with fascinating emails but those I can not exactly work with. We rarely publish press release material such as event listings, things for sale, new items published, or new classes at schools. However, we do love hearing about all of these things, and so do our readers.

Worn Through is aimed to promote conversation, community, and education among peers, and so instead of promotion we’d like you to reframe those press releases for the blog into posts.

We are quite open to guest posts from scholars out in the field, and so if you’ve been involved in an event please consider writing a re-cap with images. If you’ve written a book, write about the research or publishing process. If you have an auction house with amazing pieces for sale, talk about the conservation of the items or the valuation process. If you’ve got an exhibition coming up, write about the the show’s development or a particularly novel object. If you just developed an innovative new class write about the key reading materials and why it’s really clicking with students. You get where I’m going with this….Also, if you don’t want to write a post, but would rather be interviewed we’d be happy to attempt arrange that.

Basically, we want to dig deeper into the field. We have our fabulous roster of regularly contributors and we can work with you to develop a one-time post as a guest. We do not accept everything, it’s based on appropriateness for the site, repetitiveness, educational value for the readership of this specific blog, quality of writing, availability of one of our contributors to work with you, etc. But we really do want you to reach out–looking forward to hearing from you!


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