Punk Style in your Library or Classroom?

It’s early July but of course my brain is already thinking toward Fall (typical of an academic person, can’t just chill over the summer!)

punk style

I’m starting to research the reach of my book Punk Style (2014, Bloomsbury), and try to expand its readership. So far it is in quite a few libraries and has been used in classes as well. Contributors to Worn Through have written posts on the challenges of academic publishing, and one of those is distribution/PR. Basically, the author needs to be quite active in getting things done yourself.

So, I am asking you, Worn Through readers, to help me out a bit. If you are a part of an institution such as a university or museum with a library/research collection, can you please check the catalog and see if Punk Style is included? If not, consider ordering it for your collection, or drop me a line and I can arrange things. It comes in hardcover, softcover, and e-book.

Also, if you are teaching a course that is related to cultural aspects of apparel, including popular culture, production and consumption, identity and nonverbal communication, authenticity, the fashion cycle, and 20th-21stc history, it may be a good fit! I can send you information on getting examination copies for your classroom.

Here is Bloomsbury’s blurb on the book to give you an idea of its content:

    Punk Style examines the dress of this incredibly diverse, long-lasting and hugely influential subculture and its impact on mainstream fashion. Taking a comprehensive approach, the book includes a historical overview, a discussion of motivations behind dress practices, and a review of fashion cycles and merchandising methods.

    Punk is frequently positioned as a forerunner of trends that later become commonplace, as demonstrated in the proliferation and acceptance of body modification, the repeated use of deconstruction as a design aesthetic, and the recent boom in fashion that reflects DIY style through handmade crafts. The book explores how this dominant subcultural style continues to expand via the internet, youth buying-power, and the constant re-appropriation of its distinctive styles.

    This accessible text brings the discussion of punk fashion up-to-date and provides a concise overview for students and scholars and general readers interested in the punk subculture.

Thank you!!!

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