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I’ve been getting to know the crew over at The Seams, which is a new podcast developed by NPR contributor Jacki Lyden.

As you may remember, we encouraged Worn Through readers to donate to their Kickstarter since the topic of their shows, storytelling about apparel, are certainly something we’d love to hear about more regularly.

Recently I did a phone interview with Jacki that was initially supposed to air on the show. It was decided that instead I’d speak about a different subject for a future airing, but the interview dives into the history of our field, some academic and social aspects of what we study, and a tad into subcultural waters.

Although it’s not going to air on the Seams/NPR, Jacki and I thought Worn Through readers would be the perfect audience and have brought it you here! Listen for me to appear in future episodes.

You can find the Seams podcast at iTunes

and on this website

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  • Stephani July 02, 2015 08.47 am

    The two links to listen to your interview with Jacki go nowhere. Can you re-link?

  • Monica Sklar July 02, 2015 03.03 pm

    sorry the link was broken up it’s fixed now

  • Monica Sklar July 02, 2015 03.13 pm

    sorry the link was broken but I fixed it now. thank you for your patience.


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