Fashion-Focused Digital Resources: HEARTH Home Economics Archive

HEARTH (Home Economics Archive: Research, Tradition, History) is a fantastic digital archive compiled by the Albert R. Mann Library at Cornell. Launched in 2003, HEARTH was recognized in a 2013 study of long-term sustainability of digital collections. The collection’s highlights, and likely what brings the most users to the site, are historical runs of Harper’s Bazaar, 1867-1900, and Good Housekeeping, 1885-1919.

HEARTH’s Help page provides site navigation and searching tips. Users can browse by author and title of publications within the database or start with the full list of just journal titles. The user-friendly Subject browse page presents a selection of materials within HEARTH by topic, and each topic is introduced with a brief essay and a bibliography of core resources available in HEARTH. The extensive Clothing and Textiles bibliography points to primary sources on historic clothing construction, weaving, needlework, dyes, and more. HEARTH is a great starting point for researchers wishing to write about late nineteenth-early twentieth century home arts, interiors, etiquette, hygiene, consumerism and other topics relevant to fashion historians.

At over 1600 volumes in HEARTH’s own repository, the Mann Library also links to additional related digital resources at Cornell: the “What Was Home Economics?” online exhibition and the Human Ecology Historical Photographs digital collection (check out Textiles and Clothing and House Interiors). Happy researching!

Photo credits: Cornell University Library. Click the images for more information.

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