CFP: Kentucky Foreign Language Conference

Kentucky Foreign Language Conference

Modern Bodies: Corporeality in Spanish Silver Age Literature and Culture

 April 23-25, 2015

The advent of modernity and the processes of modernization in early twentieth-century Spain, during the so-called Silver Age (1900-1936), radically changed the existing representations of the human body.  The advancement of science and technology, the rise and consolidation of disciplines like sexology, eugenics, and psychology, growing urbanization, the emergence of feminist debates, the appearance of new literary genres and movements, the development of mass culture, or the arrival of foreign fashion and ideas are some of the factors that contributed to the rethinking and reshaping of the body.

This panel seeks papers that analyze corporeality from different perspectives and disciplines. We welcome contributions on the following topics:

  • Naked bodies: nudism, naturism, erotic artifacts
  • Athletic bodies: sports and leisure
  • Sexed bodies: sexology, medicine, sex reform
  • Visual bodies: photography, film, art
  • Queer bodies
  • Technology and the body
  • The body and avant-garde literature and art
  • Racialized bodies

Please send a 250-word abstract in English or Spanish to Jeffrey Zamostny ( and Itziar Rodríguez de Rivera ( before October 15, 2014.

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