CFP: Pretty In Kink – Culture, Theory, Sex, Kink

This collection will focus on the many ways in which various sexual practices are framed, represented, and commodified as aberrant, transgressive, or non-normative in popular culture. Embracing a fluid and dynamic definition of the term “kink” as sharing a continuum with “normal” sexual behavior, this collection of 15-20 chapters will explore the intersection of sexuality, cultural norms, and power through focused examination of popular representations of and discourses surrounding kink.

Chapters are sought  from scholars who study, encounter, and/or teach artifacts, texts, and issues related to kink, from fields including (but not limited to) gender/queer studies, film and media studies, literature, performance studies, sociology, fashion and design, and cultural history. Possible essay/chapter topics might include, but are not limited to:

– Kink throughout history: Victorian erotica, “medical” literature, stag films.
– The “mainstreaming” of kink – fashion and advertising.
– The historical relationship between kink and queerness/homosexuality
– Kink and leather: representations of dominance and submission
– Kink and representations of trans culture and bodies
– The sideshow: watching kink/voyeurism
– Kink and public/private performance of sex (orgies, parties, swinging, webcast/amateur porn, etc)
– Kink and feminism: demonization and sex-shaming trends
– Kink and sex work: “professional” kink
– Representations of kink, pain and “extreme” lifestyles
– Kink and legal issues (secrecy, surveillance, blackmail, etc.)
– Kink and trends in mainstream and alternative pornography
– Kink in popular/alternative music
– Kink and race/nationality/ethnicity/religion
– Kink in the classroom: the pedagogy of kink

Please submit proposals of approximately 500 words to

Initial deadline to meet first publishing proposal is July 15, 2014.

Please include a brief c.v. or bio which includes information about relevant research, experience, or previous publications. We welcome submissions from independent and early career scholars or others with specific related experience or expertise.

Proposals that approach the study of human sexuality from a variety of methodologies are encouraged, particularly those that are sex-positive and approach the study of this subject from a critical but non-judgmental perspective.

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