CFP: Women on the Move: Gender, Dynasty, and Modes of Cultural Transfer in Early Modern Europe

Dynastic marriage has always been a vehicle for cultural transfer between European territories whenever a crown prince or king takes a consort from another country. The new spouse, often from a foreign power, often spoke a different language, might have been from another religious confession, and might have been brought up in a different fashion. But she also moved in her new court with her own cultural baggage, cultural traditions and cultural norms, often with her own artists, chaplains and ladies-in-waiting. What kind of cultural role did she play at her new court? What were the conditions for her to play a role as cultural agent or catalyst? How did the cultural transfer between her own tradition and her new life as a consort work in practice?

This panel focuses on the cultural transfer between two or more European courts with special reference to women as agents or catalysts of cultural influence and transfer.

We welcome approaches from scholars of history, art history, literature, musicology, and other disciplines. Interdisciplinary approaches are particularly welcome. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to:

– Cultural transfer: theory and practice in the premodern context

– Political dimension of cultural transfer

– European dynastic networks and culture transfer

– Gender and specific cultural activities and influence

– Lasting effects of cultural transfer and legacy

– Cultural transfer and collections

– Cultural transfer and fashion

These RSA panels are part of the HERA “Marrying Cultures” Project affiliated to the Herzog August Bibliothek and are being organised by Mara Wade and Elise Dermineur.

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Marrying Cultures is a collaborative international project made possible thanks to a generous grant from Humanities in the European Research Area and with teams based at the University of Oxford, Lund University, the German Historical Institute in Warsaw and the Herzog August Bibliothek.

More information about the “Marrying Cultures” project can be found at

Deadline for submission: May 20, 2014

Please send a CV and an abstract of no more than 150 words to

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