CFP: Reimagining, Reframing, and Reflecting American Studies in the 21st Century

American Studies Association of Texas: Reimagining, Reframing, and Reflecting American Studies in the 21st Century

November 13-15, 2014

Sam Houston State University

This Call for Papers invites submissions that examine the controversies of the field, both resolved and ongoing, through the varied lenses of scholars across disciplines.  We ask the broad question: as society becomes more global, in what ways do scholars, artists, and musicians reimagine, reframe, or reflect what it is to be American?

Possible questions to consider:

  • How has American Identity shaped or been shaped by concepts of American Individualism?
  • How has the conflicted political past/present reshaped American Identity?
  • How has our own art and music reflected the American Ideal?  Are there such things as uniquely American food, music, art, culture?
  • Has the embracing of multicultural elements in society reflected or deflected our understanding of what it is to be American?
  • How is multiculturalism reflected in current American culture?

Papers are invited from a variety of disciplines which reflect the conference theme, including:

  • Advertising
  • Art (visual and performing)
  • Commerce
  • Décor/Design/Fashion
  • Film
  • Gender (in America)
  • History   (General, Cultural, Economic, Social)
  • Libraries/Museums/Parks
  • Sports
  • Zeitgeist

Abstract deadline: July 1, 2014

Abstract length: 500 words

Please submit abstracts to:

For more information, please contact Barbara Miles at

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