On Teaching Fashion: Preparing To Teach a Large Class


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I have been assigned to teach one of the larger lecture courses in our department next fall.  Normally, I teach smaller design classes and pride myself being present and available to my students, who I call on by name and with whom I interact with daily.   How can I apply my tools to a large lecture course? It is as if I have to create a new teaching identity for the large lecture course, I need to prepare a new set of tools. Seeing as I have time to plan, I would be interested in trying new things and consider new approaches.

I would like to hear from our readership about tools and tricks that work for you while teaching large classes. In the end, my goal is to have the students feel connected, engaged and interested in the class while meet the course objectives. To be completely sincere, as a student I abhorred large classes as I learn in small, engaged groups. Being on the other end of the podium now I feel inspired to solve the conundrum of the large class. I feel an ethical responsibility to teach in ways that engage each type of learner, is this even possible?

I have re-read Monica Murgia’s post on Surviving a Large Class. She has some great pointers regarding policies and practices for large classes. I am interested in hearing from you. I have created a poll. My hope is that our readers will share their experiences and I can report back. Thank you and Happy Teaching!

Click on the image below to fill out a short 3 question poll. I will share findings in a future “On Teaching Fashion” post.

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  • Monica Sklar February 28, 2014 10.40 am

    I taught a semester of a course that had 72 students in a large lecture hall. I thought it was crucial to mix it up a lot. Solo projects, team projects, oral and written, stand and stretch breaks, lots of videos, lots of in class discussion in small groups and whole room, etc. Also I did the classic walking around to see who is just on Facebook deal. Also, I tested them on in class things, not just the book, to try to promote attendance without taking attendance. Really my goal was to have them not just check out which is so easy in that environment.

  • Kelly C February 28, 2014 07.16 pm

    Good pointers Monica. You commented on Monica M’s post a while back with some additional greats as well. I am excited to test some of these out. Thanks!


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