Punk Style Book Giveaway Contest-WINNERS CHOSEN

punk style

UPDATE: we’ve received enough correct entries for three winners. Thank you very much!

The correct answers were:
1. 1991 (I’d also accept 1977)
2. t-shirts
3. riot grrrl
4. Manic Panic
5. appearance labor and the authors I have been referencing are Peluchette, Karl, Rust 2006 (that wasn’t required but I’ll give them a shout-out)

As mentioned in another post as well as in a recent cross-posted interview my book Punk Style has recently come out globally. I’m super excited about this and want to share the book with readers. So, my publisher Bloomsbury has generously agreed to provide some copies for a giveaway on Worn Through!

I’ve decided to come up with a handful of trivia questions and the first three individuals to email me the correct answers to all 5 questions wins a copy of the book. US/UK/Europe replies only please (for book shipping purposes). Please include your shipping address in your email in case you are a winner.

1. What year is sometimes referred to as “the year punk broke”? There are two possible answers and I’ll accept either.

2. Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood produced a huge number of what garment that said Vive Le Rock! to sell to Teddy Boys for a large event at Wembley Stadium; however they barely sold any. This huge overstock laid the path for their ideas about distressed clothes, as McLaren and Westwood had to do something with all that material. They cut, ripped, and painted on them helping create the British punk look.

3. Babydoll dresses, barrettes, combat boots and vintage eyeglasses were aesthetic details of what movement related to punk that featured feminist bands and used zines and conventions to communicate ideas

4. Name the New York based store that first showcased punk apparel and then grew into a wide spread hair dye and cosmetics brand?

5. This academic concept is discussed in the book Punk Style and other related research I have participated in on punk. It is described as a “certain amount of physical and mental effort on the part of the attire wearer, a certain amount of dissonance between what individuals believe that they are expected to wear and what they would prefer to wear.” Name it.

Looking forward to your replies!

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