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On Teaching Fashion: Integrated Resources

Once upon a time in the classroom, a teacher would adopt one textbook. The student would purchase the text and all resources needed were compiled within the text. Teachers now offer a wealth of information in a diversity of formats. Our excitement and passion for our subjects might in fact impede student learning. Students are suffering from resource fatigue!  A study on what percentage of resources students actually access is worthy of further research.

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Contemporary curriculum resources can include a diversity of media surpassing the textbook in physical or digital form. In addition to a textbook, my curriculum refers to recent academic and press articles, websites, videos, tutorials, trade publications and web resources. In preparing for classes this fall I am struggling with ways to integrate my materials to lessen student resource fatigue. Our university “blackboard” system is clunky. Uploading a mass of visuals is nearly impossible and linking to web-based materials requires the student “adventure” through a long pathway of folders and tabs to get to the links.

In the past I have created blogs to hold videos and images although size limitations and the lack an easy way to attach PDF’s proves this to be a flawed teaching tool as well. In preparation for teaching a design class a few years back I happened upon this wonderfully integrated and interactive syllabus. Within the syllabus and timeline were embedded all the resources a student would need. What a great teacher (I emailed her telling her so) and what lucky students to have this integrated resource. As I test different ways of integrating my teaching materials I would appreciate knowing effective ways in which other teachers have made teaching and resource material accessible to students.  Share links to your integrated resources in the comments section! Here is the Integrated design syllabus created and taught by Marlene Angeja:

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