Reading thru the great award apps…..Already planning another!

I just downloaded all the applications and gave an initial read to everyone’s proposal. We received quite a few.

I must say, no matter who we choose, I am super impressed with the readers of Worn Through and you continue to inspire me to do more research! The projects are diverse, thorough, and deep. Picking is going to be tough! We’ll get back to you Mar 1.

Thank you again to anyone who applied, and, if you are a potential advertiser, please consider Worn Through as a portion of future advertising money will go to a second award!

Please convince your department, school, museum, publishing house, living history location, auction house, etc to advertise with us, as the money goes right back into the community! Our rates are low and the return is high! Not only do you get a space on the side of our website to promote your book, exhibit, etc, but you get to know you’re helping our field.

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