London Fashion Umbrella: Footsteps in the Philippines

Yes, I know that fashion week is in full swing around the world, and the lusty eyes of fashion history aficionados are fixed on news of Punk at the Costume Institute, but I’ve been physically and mentally far from it all.

I’ve been wearing flip flops for more consecutive days than in my entire life up to now, and both unable and somewhat unwilling to connect to ¬†However, I have had the opportunity to visit what is arguably the most infamous group of fashion artefacts of the contemporary age – the shoes of Imelda Marcos, former Philippine first lady.

Nest week I’ll be sharing photographs and notes from my visit to the Shoe Museum in Manila, which since 1998 has been home to 800 pairs of Imelda’s shoes, along with other celebrity shoes and a display charting the history of the shoe-making industry in the city’s Marikina district. The neighbourhood is also home the the Guinness World Record holding largest pair of shoes in the world!

This week, have a look at this fairly recent BBC clip which gives an overview of the history behind the collection, and reports on its precarious position. Seems like a call for help from someone out there with a love of shoes and a knowledge of conservation!

Inevitable photo opportunity with the World’s Largest Shoes, in Marikina, Manila, Philippines.


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