On Teaching Fashion: Additional Strategies for Teaching Without a Required Text

I want to continue where Monica Murgia offlast week in discussing the textbook debate and thank her for bringing this topic to the table. Thanks for the great topic Monica!

The textbook has always been the anchor in my courses, both as a student and teacher. I love the notion of a physical guide to the course, however, in a field that is consistently evolving it seems a bit unrealistic.  There are a few options I would like to add to Monica’s list of strategies for teaching without a required text:

Customized Textbooks:

I know that many publishers are leaning toward a sort of a la carte system of textbook publishing. I have just only just started to look into this method and would be interested to hear from readers who have designed textbooks based on this innovative system.


Class Interactive Learning Resource:

Ideally, It would be wonderful to have an interactive site that students can go to and click on links that would guide them to resources. I admire Marlene Angeja’s site. Angeja is an art instructor at San Jose State University. I have spoken with her about accessing her site and  she was delighted to share this. I have aspired to create one for myself when time and resources are available.

Library Subject Databases:

I work closely with University of Delaware librarian Linda Stein who is very keen on developing and maintaining a fashion subject database for our students. Linda is officially dedicated to our department and a few other departments on campus. Check to see if you have a dedicated librarian, one who is officially assigned to your department and work with them to create a relevant database.

Generative Resources:

Have your students generate a resource archive of a topic that relates to one of your teaching modules. This is a great way to do a deep dive on a specific subject, as the students will follow research trails that you might not think of. As well, a generative resource is a great way to stay current with a topic.

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  • Monica January 25, 2013 04.21 pm

    Great resources! I’m currently training to teach online, and am being exposed to online course resource materials. The ones I have seen so far are a hybrid between e-book and interactive powerpoint. You can highlight areas of the text, leave notes, and ask questions directly in the digital format. I’m blow away.

  • Kelly C January 25, 2013 05.26 pm

    Thanks Monica and wow! I would love to take a test drive on that sort of online resource framework. Post about your experience once you are in it, I would love to hear about it.


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