New CTRJ Article: Punk Dress in the Workplace

I’m so pleased to let you know I have an article in the recent issue of Clothing and Textiles Research Journal! It is co-authored by my former academic advisor Marilyn DeLong. The full title is Punk Dress in the Workplace: Aesthetic Expression and Accommodation.

For years you’ve read bits and pieces I’d mention on Worn Through about my dissertation work on punk dress in the workplace, and I’m so thrilled it has now been published in one of the journals I respect the most.

Here is the abstract:

“Individuals who identify with punk subculture negotiate between aesthetic expression of their subcultural identity and the role they believe they are expected to play at work. Men and women, aged 26 – 45 years, in a wide range of professions were interviewed and asked questions related to their workplace dress. They were asked to bring to the interview a display of how they dress to express both their punk and workplace identities. Interviewees reported a balancing act of blending in and standing out, taking into consideration viewer interpretations and subsequent outcomes. Efforts to wear “appropriate” dress included accommodations such as modifying one’s punk appearance by conceding to dress codes and using perceived non-confrontational aesthetic choices with punk cues subtly coded to appear conventional. Dress features were selectively revealing or concealing punk symbols as interviewees strive to push the boundaries of workplace appropriateness for satisfying aesthetic self-expression.”

If the topic interests you please give it a read, email or comment with your thoughts, and in early 2014 I’ll have my book Punk Style out which will greatly expand on these themes. You can also read a related chapter I published recently with former Worn Through-er Gwendolyn (Lauren) Michel in Color & Design, an edited volume by Marilyn DeLong and Barbara Martinson.

If you’re unfamiliar with CTRJ, it is connected to the International Apparel and Textiles Association which most apparel and related professors and students are members of here in the States as well as in many other countries. CTRJ can be tough to get into as it is rigorously edited, and I’ve tried before with some other team projects to no success. That makes this even more sweet since it is the project I labored over for many years and is very close to my heart.

So now that I’ve thrown my own confetti, as a scholar I’ll need to think about how I want to promote my work. Of course we want people to read what we do, as the thought is that the research we toil over has social/educational value. Sage, the journal’s publisher, sent me an email about how to get your articles out there, and I know that for things like tenure it is often important to be cited repeatedly. I’ve published quite a few times before, but this is my first time as first author so this time around the responsibility falls on me to get the word out there. I’d welcome any tips other journal authors want to suggest.


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  • Trystan February 03, 2013 12.19 pm

    Interesting – I’ll have to see if I can get a copy thru the nearby university! This is a topic near & dear to my heart, as I’ve been blogging on goth style in the workplace for several years (, & there’s a few of us doing similar things.

  • Monica Sklar February 03, 2013 12.21 pm

    I’ll for sure check out your blog. Have you seen Paul Hodkinson’s work:

  • Trystan February 03, 2013 04.08 pm

    Yes, I’ve read his ‘Goth’ book — good read, excellent insider perspective, tho’ I would love for more scholarship to be done on the evolution of U.S. (or even worldwide) goth from the original U.K. subculture. I do like how he’s covering the transition of youth subcultures as they age, that’s brilliant.


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