Rei Kawakubo/Merce Cunningham Exhibition

Yesterday I went to the Walker Art Center to see the fascinating Cindy Sherman exhibition and the unique Rei Kawakubo/Merce Cunningham exhibition. Worn Through has already covered the Sherman retrospective, and thankfully, photography was allowed in the Kawakubo show, therefore I thought I’d walk you through that lil’ gem of an exhibit. It was a fascinating look into the collaborative effort between true innovators in design and dance.

I enjoyed that the presentation was multi-faceted with behind the scenes images of the preparatory process including patterns, images of the garments while in motion, and the garments themselves. Also, there was film of Kawakubo’s related fashion show, with the garments walking down a runway, which demonstrated how context can radically change perceptions and use of an item.

Thoughtfully, the Kawakubo/Cunningham display was a nice complement to the Sherman retrospective that shook our take on reality, body image, identity and gender. Definitely provided for some good dinner conversation immediately following.

Below are some highlights. (I only had my phone camera, so please excuse the shadows of me and the so-so quality. Sorry I didn’t think ahead to bring my better camera!)

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