On Teaching Fashion: The Daily Brief

School starts Monday! In planning for the fall, I realize that there are some activities that I simply cannot plan for.  I am consistently receiving emails about exciting events, opportunities, museum programming and campus happenings that are relevant to my fashion students. I receive these usually on the week (or day) of the event.  Rather than run around scrambling to engage the students I have created space for a daily briefing, happening promptly at the start of class. I share my news, events, happenings and offer space for students to share with their news. I use this space to also check in with students throughout the semester, i.e.: (How is registration going? Have you started looking for internship opportunities for the summer? Wash your hands, there is a cold going around.)  Daily briefings can be archived on the class blackboard site for easy reference. Good luck to everyone going back to school, I hope you have a productive semester of teaching and learning.




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