On Teaching Fashion: Digital Resources for Other Target Markets

I am in the midst of design inspiration research for my class in Fashion Drawing.  One main objective of the project is to design a series of looks for an emerging or less represented target market. I explain in my introduction of the target market that the woman in her 20’s who lives on the Upper East Side has enough clothing to wear to the opening at the Met.

Last semester my students generated some great projects with timely target market subjects such as: the digital commuter, trans-gendered summer fashions, wall-street occupier, and contemporary working mom in Dubai.  One trick is to find resources for inspiration.

While it is wonderful to access paid resources the University library holds, I treasure the free digital resources because of the diversity of subject and cultures represented.  For example, I am in love with the retronaut site that offers photographs of historical fashion subcultures such as exotic dancers of the 1890’s pictured here. I have one student researching the resurgence of burlesque and I was happy to share this with her.

This week I invite our readers to share your favorites related to anything fashion and teaching related, Happy Teaching!

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  • Alexandra August 20, 2012 02.48 pm

    Wow! Thanks for the link to a fantastic website! Great idea for a student project too! Love it!

  • Kelly C August 20, 2012 03.49 pm

    Thanks for reading Alexandra!!
    Kelly C.


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