Objektet och Museet: Lovisa Burfitt In Your Mailbox

Known for her fashion illustration in black ink with splashes of bright color, Lovisa Burfitt has designed walls for H&M, a line of dishes for Rörstrand, and many seasons of clothing for her own line, Burfitt, among many other projects. Last week, the Swedish Postal Service released a new set of domestic stamps, featuring four fashion-forward letter writers illustrated by the designer.

The four designs of the stamp collection, "Skriv!", drawn by Lovisa Burfitt, 2012. Photo: Posten.

Entitled “Skriv!” (“Write!”), this collection aims to inspire the writing of letters–although Burfitt acknowledges email in one design, in which a stilettoed and topknotted writer kneels in front of her laptop to compose her next communiqué. Burfitt herself confesses to be an avid sender of “hey-how-are-ya” handwritten notes to friends and family, often on hand-drawn postcards and notepaper. The visual experience of the letter is important to her, and she even puts thought into the choice of stamp.

This collection must be excellent exposure for the designer, as they are currently the default stamps sold at even the tiny grocery store across the street from our apartment. The Postal Service benefits, aligning itself with the forward-moving world of fashion. This set of stamps also establishes fashion and illustration as a valued part of national culture, sharing space with Olympic athletes, the national flag, and a recently released set featuring twentieth-century Swedish textile art.

A selection of stamps from the "Aloha Shirts" collection from the United States Postal Service, 2012. Image: USPS.

Do you think stamps with hip, fashionable themes would help inspire more letter writing, maybe even help turn around the declining use of “snail-mail?” Would you seek out stamps illustrated by fashion designers in your country? Whose work would you want to see on a stamp? The United States currently has a set of Hawai’ian “Aloha Shirts”; perhaps this could also be a platform for celebrating regional dress, or costume history?

Let us know what you think below!

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