Museum Life: mannequins

Of all the spaces in the collection stores at the Powerhouse Museum, the mannequin store is one of my least favorite. There is something particularly unsettling about  mannequin heads, hands, arms and torsos in a darken room. These forms are used for contemporary to 18th Century garments as well as children, men and women’s clothing. Some have been re-painted numerous times and others have creepy wigs from a by-gone day. Purchased over the years, they are a physical reminder of how the museum has dealt with the display of fashion. The topic of museum displays and fashion has been discussed before at Worn Through by Jenna, Arianna and Brenna and others.
In this post, l’d like to show you some photos from the museum’s mannequin store.

All images: The mannequin store at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia. Photos: Rebecca Evans

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