London Fashion Umbrella Discovers Hari Kuyo

This is turning out to be such a busy summer with projects and events, that on a frantic day like today it was my great pleasure to be made aware of the Hari Kuyo, or the Festival of Broken Needles. The Japanese tradition dates back 4000 years, and consists of a day of requiem during which seamstresses and homemakers pay tribute to the service afforded them by their humble sewing implements and lay them to rest in soft objects – like tofu!

The festival is celebrated on the 8th of February at Shinto Shrines throughout Japan, but I plan to save all my broken sewing and hand needles until then, and hold a small ceremony of my own.

For more in depth information about Hari Kuyo and its significance, check out Stitchtress Stumbles.

Thank you to Roberto Sanchez-Camus for introducing me to Hari Kuyo.

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