On Teaching Fashion: Summertime “Preps”

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This is an exciting time of the year for me as a teacher. All year I throw all manner of resources in a box in the corner of my office. It is around this time each summer when I pull the box out and start sorting through. At the beginning of the summer it is possible to map out course preps and all of that summertime “to do” research we have been putting in a box in the corner of our academic lives.

Pull out your calendars and mark a set number of days/hours for academic enrichment. For example, one morning a week I sit with a large cup of coffee and sort, organize, day dream and  move forward with tangible plans for my boxed “to do”  materials.

Similarly, now is the time to re-read the course texts and re-engage with the material you will teach in the fall. If you have new course preps you can follow this same schedule, one chapter a week, creating materials for that week. By August you will be organized and can re-touch and final prep before the first day of classes. Mark of a second morning a week for coursework, I do one morning per class.  Enjoy your summer now by planning in all of the reading and academic research you are pushing to the side during the school year. Happy prepping!


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