Objektet och Museet: MMM x H&M

Amidst all the buzz about the holiday collaboration between Swedish “high-street” brand H&M and “avant-garde”/”conceptual” label Maison Martin Margiela, one theme keeps nagging: that this can only be a good thing for MMM, which has a paltry 34 shops of its own but will be offered in 230 of H&M’s boutiques around the world; that although the label doesn’t have a “megabrand” status like Jimmy Choo or Versace, we shouldn’t worry about the financial success of the line, predicted to sell out and crash websites in the first few hours. The multi-national corporation is seen as offering this small, lesser-known label a chance to reach audiences they could not have on their own; inherent in this an assumed desire for progress and expansion.

That MMM has a very active Facebook Page and a YouTube Channel seems just as unlikely as a collaboration with H&M, given the cachet of the original designer’s constructed anonymity. But both companies attest to having democracy as a core value, and this line will certainly expand MMM’s reputation and H&M’s credibility.

What is conceptual fashion, what is democratic fashion, and can these two coexist in a line or a piece of clothing? Can conceptual fashion be inexpensive? Should it be? Can it be made in a factory, even in limited runs? Can H&M be “radical“?

Is this a critical event in the history and future of fashion, or is this just another super-hyped happening? How do you feel about the coverage in the media? Tell us how you feel about this bit of fashion news below!

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