CFP: Cultures of Exchange and Exchanges of Culture

Cultures of Exchange and Exchanges of Culture
St Leo’s College, The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus,
Brisbane, Australia
Abstracts are due by 20/07/2012

The 2012 Work in Progress (WIP) Conference aims to draw on criticism, comment, knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm about the highly multiple phenomenon of exchange in the humanities and the arts. As a counterpart to culture’s strong individual aspect, exchange works, often somewhat experimentally, to twine differing social, aesthetic, imaginative, theoretical, economic, and political strands of activity and thought. The conference calls for contributions from and attendance by researchers, postgraduates, and honours students working in various disciplines and with regard to different historical periods.

Interested researchers are invited to submit abstracts with connections to this year’s general theme.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

· How does originality function, or fare, in a period of deep cultural emphasis on sharing and mixing?

· What might be lost or gained in the process of adaptation?

· To what extent, or in what ways, do writers and readers address each other?

· How does the idea of exchange structure texts?

· How does cultural exchange foster cultural understanding? For example, multiculturalism, queer theory, creative collaborations?

Keywords: sharing, borrowing, conversation, reciprocity, translation, transposition, adaptation, assimilation, appropriation, interdependence, correspondence, debate, intertextuality, interdisciplinary, gifts, transference, traffic, co-operation, points of intersection, dialogism, communication barriers, pedagogial convergence, theoretical discord, travel, influence, borders, boundaries, hybridity, subjectivity, authority, transnationalism, collaboration.

A 200-300 word abstract, accompanied by a 50 word biographical note (including contact details), should be submitted to by 20/07/2012. Papers should be 20 minutes long when presented, and will be followed by 10 minutes of questions.

More information on this conference can be found here.

Image credit: Randy Kepple

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