You Should Be Reading: Fashion and the Divine Power

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Here are some journal articles relatively hot off the press that you should consider adding to your reading list:

1.  Keller, Christiane. “From Practicality to Spirituality: WA Indigenous Fashion Design.” Art Monthly Australia, No. 242, Aug 2011: 27-30.

Since the arrival of the first European settlers at Western Australia’s shores Aboriginal peoples have shown great cultural resilience in the face of a new and dominant Western society. This essay notes this resilience and the continuous interaction with a changing world today that are very vivid and frequently taken on a playful note in the ‘fashion’ domain. –Excerpt from the Article Abstract

2. Lewis, Reina. Marketing Muslim Lifestyle: A New Media Genre.” Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies, Vol. 6, No. 3, Special Issue: Marketing Muslim Women (Fall 2010), pp. 58-90.

Recently developed to serve the consumption needs of an emergent Islamic bourgeoisie, English-language Muslim lifestyle media depart from previous community media by including fashion as an integral part of the genre. Creating fashion editorial brings lifestyle publications up against internal debates about the representation of the female body and concepts of modesty. Central to this is the problem of what Muslim looks like, or what looks Muslim. This paper draws on interviews with Muslim lifestyle journalists to explore how they negotiate internal community debates about female modesty while dealing externally with the mainstream fashion industry. -Excerpt from Article Abstract

3. Jaffe, Rivke.  “Ital Chic: Rastafari, Resistance, and the Politics of Consumption in Jamaica.” Small Axe, 2010 Volume 14, Number 1 31: 30-45.

This paper explores the existence of `ital chic’ in Jamaica. A cross between ethical consumerism and the marketing of cool, ital chic represents an aesthetic repertoire and a commercial strategy based on Rastafari. An initial exploration is made of the implications of the ital chic phenomenon for Jamaica in terms of class and cultural politics, as well as its relation to the politics of sustainable development. –Excerpt from Article Abstract

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