Video Post: Lingerie in London in the 1950s

Here in London, the papers daily count down the number of days until the start of the Olympic Games.  But before the Opening Ceremony is watched by millions, and the games set off a movement of national and worldwide pride, Britain will be celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. A host of events, and a special work holiday are on the calendar, and I am closely involed with two fashion related projects that take inspiration from the fashions of the coronation year, and celebrate British fashion talent.

However, the video below, shows a slice of 1950s British fashion history a little less regal, and a little more exciting! A lingerie fashion show at a London nighclub, replete with a nightgown with an ‘Elizabethan style collar’ – showing that Royal influence is never far from fashion trends.

In the next few weeks I’ll be posting about the Jubilee projects I am working on – but for now, enjoy the video.

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  • jacqueline April 25, 2012 04.16 pm

    Oh goodness, what a hoot. Still trying to figure out why the perfect accessory to lingerie is a poodle, but maybe that’s not for me to judge.


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