Video Post: 1950s Eyewear Fashion

I am not really dependent on prescription eyeglasses to see, having only a slight astigmatism, but last year I decided to splurge on a pair of Francis Klein vintage style frames. I wear them whenever I  want to feel more focused, confident or to more fully embody the role of “vintage fashion expert.” I tell my students that it is an example of fashion as psychological protection.

I am a huge fan of the styles produced by French designers Francis Klein, a couple who have been making snazzy cateye frames since the 1960s.

This video, produced in the UK in 1955, shows a selection of similar fantastic designs and even provides some timeless advice on selecting the most flattering shapes and colours for your face. Enjoy!

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  • Amy April 11, 2012 04.07 pm

    Did you buy your Francis Klein’s in Paris or is there somewhere in the States that stocks them?

  • jenna April 12, 2012 12.28 pm

    Hi Amy, I bought my specs in London at The Eye Company, but if you write to Francis Klein via the website, they can hopefully advise you of stockists in the US. It says on their site they were recently at an eyewear trade fair in New York City, so maybe there are some new places to get them in the States. Happy shopping!


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