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Branding an exhibition through graphic design is a key ingredient in the success of an exhibition. The curatorial idea will always be the back-bone of a show but graphics are key in conveying the essence of an exhibition to the public.  Part of the marketing strategy of the current Love Lace exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney is the ‘heart’ and X’ graphic below.

This graphic is a pictorial representation of the exhibition title, the heart is ‘love’ and the ‘X’, a basic embroidery stitch to explain lace. This bold graphic is key to explaining the purpose of the exhibition. Love Lace seeks to redefine the public’s understanding of lace through presenting an array of bold works that are provocative and challenging to a traditional understanding of lace. The graphic design company Toko worked on this design as well as the slogans ‘make lace not war’ and ‘thread with care’ to convey the revolutionary aspect of the exhibition. Below is a short video, in which the graphic designers explain their concept further.

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