Video Post: Royal Wedding Dresses as Foreign Policy

This youtube video clip by HistoricRoyalPalaces highlights how the choice of dress indicates changing attitudes toward royal marriages and its importance as a matter of foreign policy. To read more, Jenna has previously written about British royal wedding dresses, and about the Duchess of Cambridge’s dress going on public display.

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  • Arianna February 13, 2012 02.04 pm

    How interesting to read people’s reactions: “more dress, less curator!” Like an open comments box, highlighting that perennial problem of pleasing a wide public–now made global by the internet.

    I think it’s a great video, its very value in the visual inclusion of the curator (keeper?) and her interpretation, ring-fiddling or no!

    Thanks for sharing it, Selina.

  • Selina February 13, 2012 06.55 pm

    You’re welcome. Former intern Tanya found it. I can’t take all the credit.


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