Video Post: 80s Fashion

From rocker to rapper, teased hair to overdone make-up, this youtube video posted by TheVintage Threads highlights all the trends of the 1980s that broke the traditional rules of fashion:

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  • Anastassia January 23, 2012 09.12 am

    One of the photos doesn’t belong to 80’s epoch.
    Girl on 2:00 is italian or french actress of early 60’s.
    She’s visually different: her eyeliner makeup and new look skirt with black belt look similar to 80’s but actually they are not:)

  • Selina January 23, 2012 10.27 am

    Thanks for the catch. Looks like its Brigitte Bardot.

  • Dienna January 23, 2012 05.02 pm

    That’s random that they had a picture of Brigitte Bardot from the ’60s in there. I also saw the same photo from “Dynasty” twice. I guess they wanted to make sure people were paying attention!

    I liked the video. I’m a fan of the ’80s and like most of the fashion from that time.

  • Monica Sklar January 23, 2012 05.05 pm

    certainly not a perfect video but fun nonetheless!


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